Remote monitoring system – ROBO-CONTROL Permanent


mageba ROBO-CONTROL Permanent is a fully automated remote monitoring system for structures. It uses sensibly located sensors to measure variables (such as loading, deformations and vibrations) that affect a structure’s condition and performance, and can also be used to determine characteristic parameters such as natural frequency. The generated data, measured at predefined intervals, is transmitted to a central computer server, where it is processed and made available to authorised users via a secure website or a network.


ROBO-CONTROL Permanent is suitable for use where long-term assessment and monitoring of a structure is required, and the generated data should be made available in real time for analysis and graphical presentation.

  • ROBO®CONTROL Monitoring Systems

Image gallery

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img1

    Installation of sensors on a cable stayed bridge

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img2

    Optional solar panel for power supply

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img3

    Online user interface

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img4

    Example of an installed “Permanent” system

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img5

    A ROBO-CONTROL box - the heart of the system

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img6

    3D-acceleration sensor

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img7

    Structural temperature sensor (wireless)

  • ROBO-CONTROL-Permanent-img9

    Presentation of data on a mobile device